Besheret Branded Experience

Atlanta, GA

The notion of budding fate is highlighted throughout Tara and Michael’s wedding day. To communicate this romantic notion, the Besheret design suite uses hand-drawn flower bulbs in every piece for this event, from invitation to map to programs to favors. The beautifully rendered bulbs have both aesthetic and practical applications. Take note of the special triple-purpose favor boxes. Set up outside of the ballroom, these boxes acted as seating cards for the guests, who would take the boxes with them to their seats, where the boxes took on their second purpose. The hand-drawn flowers on the outside of the boxes were color coded to indicate to the wait staff the guests' previously chosen entree preferences. And finally, on the inside, these boxes contained actual flower bulbs that guests could take home to plant in their own personal gardens to remember this very special day. Wraparound labels and a custom-designed stamp are used throughout the system.

Photos by Climie + Co Photographers